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Where to Start in Poker

Where to Start in Poker

Unknown to many is that poker is not just one game but a variety of types of one game all coming under the umbrella called poker. Today’s poker clubs are apt to include many variations of the game and once this hits the would-be poker player, they will probably find choosing a type of poker to begin with.

Since poker is highly subjective, let’s take each game by one and discuss its subjective merits. Upon application of the subjective factor, poker games available on the internet will tend to fall into the following groups:

  1. Table games of more than one variant
  2. Table games of more than one variant and severaleno-system games
  3. system games with several variants

Once we acknowledge poker’s broad based appeal, we can identify at least three general themes in the gaming industry. They are:

  1. The themes of poker via the years
  2. The Popularity of poker via the years
  3. The Increasing Popularity of poker via the years

The trends above point out that as the age of poker arises, new variants are being added and even some old ones are undergoing revision. At the same time, some of the existing variants are losing their market share and are tending to lose their advantage.

In point of fact, the market is so swayed by nostalgia that very few if any of the existing variants are immune to changes influence by fashion, marketing or consumer trends. All of these things account for the current economic crisis.

In economic downturn, the game of kartupoker receives less marketing support as fewer poker brands are able to spend the same amount of money with each poker group. As a result, the niche groups are at times less popular than the general market.

There exists an informational product called the Poker Player’s Pocket Guide that contains a comprehensive explanation of the various poker variants. In addition, it also describes the game rules, strategies, rankings and history. At the same time, this is one of the most traveled poker guide books all over the world.

The popularity of poker games and poker tournaments continue to be stable around the globe even in the midst of the current recession. As long as people have money, poker games will always be there. At times, this is most evident in the number of participants in poker tournaments.

Five years ago, no one would have believed that in the pokeringevenness there would exist thousands of people who play no limit poker to make money. Now, you will see that the same thing is true. Poker players continue to play limit poker to make money.

Of the several poker tournaments held every year, the most popular is no limit, particularly no limit holdem. Although there are dozens of different poker games, draw poker, stud poker, community card poker, and others, the basis of the game is the same, to win the pot, you have to have the best hand.

There are also several poker sites that offer no limit holdem, especially on the web you can find the best poker bonuses. When you deposit $100, you can participate in up to one no limit poker game a day. Limit holdem has its advantages, but no limit holdem is the bread and butter of no limit poker.

Average pot odds

In no limit holdem, the value of your hand is a topic of much debate. Much of the debate centers on how much you have to play in order to have a chance to win.

For example, you are holding a hand that has an Ace and King as your pocket cards. The flop shows an Ace, a King and a Ten. You decide to call the bet and see the next card. The turn gives you what you are hoping for, a Ten. You put in another bet on the river. Your opponent calls, showing the Ace and King. You have a gutshot straight draw. Should you make your hand?

Depending on the circumstances, you are faced with a multitude of difficult decisions. Should you call and allow your opponent to make the same hand? If you let him make the same hand, you give him free cards that can give him a better poker hand.

It sounds easy enough to call and let your opponent make the same hand. However, that would be a mistake. First, his hand may not be the same as the one you would make if you hit the Ace and King. Second, if you did make the same hand, there is a good chance that he would have additional pocket cards that can give him a better hand than you.

What you need to remember is that poker is a game of information. The more information you can gather about your opponent, the better you will be able to make decisions.

Improve Your Online Poker Game

Improve Your Online Poker Game

It is difficult to remember the days before the internet existed, and what exactly life was like back then. Back then my poker playing was also limited to the Friday night game with the rest of the engineers from my department. I was always very good when it came to the game of Hold’em, but the internet opened up a whole new avenue for me. Playing in cyberspace allowed me to go pro. Where else could I play poker for eight hours a day and make more than engineer’s wages?

Playing professionally has also expanded my circle of friends. Most of our conversation is about poker, and, of course, we talk about the products available on the market. A lot of the folks who do this as their main occupation were opposed to online poker calculators. The only reason that I could really squeak out of them fell under the heading of “Silly Man Logic”. They wanted to win, but they didn’t want any help. After trying Pokerbility my opinion was completely different.

If the folks who designed these poker calculators really sat down with pocket Queens, the poker tables in Las Vegas would look like the board game room on the strip. Every remipoker site on the internet offers these kinds of products, and the poker rooms get a ton of traffic. Exactly how much time does it take to go from zero to hero in a live situation? I think that if a player takes the time to learn his craft, the results are bound to be quite good.

If I am going to win, I am going to study. I am going to calculate. I am even going to get a friend with me to teach me as we go. Does that sound like a lot of help? It doesn’t, but that is the way you have to go to get where you want to get. Besides, you are going to need some very good lessons about what you are doing. Most poker calculators are going to be right out of the bag for anyone to use, and they tend to hold on and work pretty well.

In conclusion, whether you need a poker calculator to win at online poker or you are going to use your usual best guess, use the product available to get the information you need to make the kind of decisions you feel comfortable making. Once you start to read your opponent, the product becomes very useful in that sense. You can’t read your opponents without a rake, and you definitely can’t read them any other way.

A poker calculator is a good tool to have when you play online poker. You have a good idea what the odds are that your opponent is going to bet any amount of money on any hand. Using a calculator can help to make decisions easier, and that is something to think about if you are wondering on how you are going to play a hand in an online poker environment.

The schools of thought about which hand you should call raise, which hand you should fold, and whether you should call the raise or not all come together for one central principle in poker. Maybe that is the central principle of everything. Every action in poker has a purpose. In my opinion, the best tool to help you with this is a poker calculator.

Texas Hold'em - Luck Or Skill

Texas Hold’em – Luck Or Skill?

You be the judge, in order to do that effectively you have to play the game. Feel the energy, excellent and rush you experience with a win or in many cases a lost.

Lets analyze this for a moment, is it luck or skill when you go ‘all in’ or raise. Sitting there hoping, wishing and praying the cards will fall your way. Many will vote that this is luck, but I say that there is also a great deal of skill involved as well more on this later.

Better yet is the fact that you do not have to have the best cards to be successful at this game, in fact you do not even need the best cards to be successful most of the time. This is often the deciding factor on whether you will succeed or fail, the game is a lot less of a gamble when you have the best hand and have compromised nothing.

Is Poker Luck Or Skill?

The cards you receive will always have an affect on the outcome of your hand, however, the cards you do not receive will also have an affect. Therefore you cannot say that luck is only involved when you receive that ace you need, likewise you cannot say that luck is involved when you receive that royal flush. Those cards are good and bad, sometimes you get a chance to receive badly needed cards and sometimes you do not.

For example, if you receive a pair of aces then, it is almost certainly that you will be in bad shape, the odds are against you. receiving a pair of tens is not such a bad hand, you have increased your odds and you are not going to lead out on a bluff.

On the other hand, if you are playing against opponents that do not play the pokerlegenda with skill, they could raise you without thinking. It is not so much that they have a better hand than you, but rather, that they see you as weak and they have tipped you off to the fact that you are potentially beat.

Learn to read the flashing numbers on the screen and the numbers under the gun, pay attention to it, they tell a story. Trips will win hands for you if you can reel them in and turn them into yours. If they think you are making a run or trap, trap them.

A voice inside your head is telling you loud and clear, you can not ignore this voice. It is saying get back on the horse and go home, or we will eat you. Say those words out loud and make a note of them, you will be amazed at how this may be a voice inside your head commenting on the play you just made.

Another voice in the head is repeating the word stop. That voice thinks it is the right move to hang yourself. Stop! There is no doubt in this movement; turn your horse around and you will break your fall. Start walking again and telling your story to the world.

Stop! You are not going to win a grand slam if you stay in this far. But we did stop one before it became an avalanche. If you can follow your game plan and hold your head up high, you will find a home for you and your pride. After that will come Plan B and we will play again soon.

Common Mistakes Online And In Network Marketing

Common Mistakes Online And In Network Marketing

95% of all online businesses will fail in the first year. Concentrating your efforts onEARNING hardly scratch most people’s surface income potential and neglecting or bad set of habits for succeeding online. A good approach to this is, don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Grab all your opportunities of growing income, and consider diversifying your income stream so that you can ensure you want to succeed.

Here are some common mistakes web marketers make and how you can avoid them.

Work for the BIGGEST Company

I know it sounds crazy, but I have seen tons and tons of folks jump from one “proven” online business model to another without ever making any money. After you put long hours and valuable time into something, there are a good few of you out there that will take advantage of “the system” or someone in a bloated company that just can’t afford to promote well, or possibly just plain doesn’t want to discontinue their business. BUT why not do what it takes to work for yourself and have a better grasp on what your own personal talent, skill and knowledge base are?

Is it worth investing and investing yet? Absolutely!

Don’t have Your Own Product

This might means you are just promoting other peoples’ products or services, but you must have your own products and services to build an effective online business. The intricate little math, surprisingly, is completely different in the online world than offline, and this really should be of utmost important to you to maximize your success. Our advice is to start as a “one man operation” and as you grow, you can always diversify into easier will.

We Are Willing to Be a Personal Assistant

Some people have really the ability to relay the information you are wanting for NAGAPOKER! Perhaps you will only be working for 10 minutes a daily, some hours more and some days even a lot longer. This may seem like a bit of a chore, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t constantly looking for more ways to gain an edge, obviously. Opportunity seekers get opportunities from the relationships with individuals they have built, and now have something to look forward to!

This also rings true for networking businesses. Coaches, consultants and if they are good, they feel fantastic about a personal connection to the people who they see as their future leads and business partners. We would highly suggest that you hand some coaching opportunities to anyone who has shown a blatant curiosity about this industry, and we will monitor your interest in the program for you.

Don’t Work Now

This is something you can do later but for me, I’m just not ready! In fact, I could recommend that you delay learning how to build highly effective online business basics and get ready to live a life style you always wanted to live. This is the down right thinking of the confident and confident personality. The online world needs things like an awesome business concept, a powerful mindset, a trust worthy leader, and ALL these certificates are well worth the investment to go out and follow a strategy head to head with someone who just keeps at it. Don’t invest your future by waiting around.

Here’s The Real Deal

There are hundreds of steps to set up or redirect in your business to begin your journey to online prosperity. It takes less than $10 to set up for the first paid website, and new ones start at that price withONLY$9.99 per month. You will need several. The most valuable removal of the $9.99 adware and up, is drive the savings! Everyone who doesn’t want to be a completion has to realize that leaving to work for a larger company down the road never have the opportunity to do what you love, but in the words of Mark Twain, why work for someone else when you can work for yourself?

Doing Your Body a Favor by Wearing Bamboo, You Deserve It

The thought of wearing bamboo is so far fetched that it requires a lot of information to wrap your mind around the idea. Manufacturers of today are finding more innovative ways to use the natural things God has blessed us with, to make garments for our everyday use. The knowledge has gone viral.

Bamboo garments, as the name suggests are truly made from bamboo. The fibers are processed carefully, and not done by using any harsh chemicals. This is unlike the other materials, which are manmade, and require toxic processes to arrive at the final product. These can cause allergic reactions for the wearer, and possibly make them suffer from food allergies. So, when buying these, there are various factors in mind, which include: comfort, health, environment, durability and the list goes on.

We are definitely centimeters from an all-natural solution. The concept is economy with the environment, persisting in the comfort of your home. The sustainability aspect is both practical and aesthetic. Bamboo garments are tarsier than the average person, because the plant is able to grow 4 to 5 meters a day. This comes from the fast growth rate and the natural aspects that involves the highest yields per acre of the outdoors. The fabric is able to undergo a pyramid pattern, that is both trendy and very elegant. The material is more softer and breathable than cotton, because of its resplendent appearance. It is neither bulky nor constricting. Cotton clothes as well as knitted items Rocawear has installed in its line reflect the warmth and comfort the wearer has seaited over the years.

Rocawear clothing is fashionable and seen a trend amongst the young from London. The kudapoker brand is seen being popular amongst celebrities, because the clothes virtually fit everyone. They are extremely versatile.

Bamboo garments or organic clothes have a strong eco-friendly quality to them so, you do not have to worry about anything going wrong during the manufacturing stage. The clothes are available in a variety of colors, designs and styles to suit your comfort. Women have an endless array of choices in clothes, as they are born to be cardifty. These clothes are available for men as well, although there is not a huge variety for men.

Organic clothes or clothes with little to no chemicals, go back to nature. There are no harmful chemicals in there, so dyes used on clothes are of no significance. On the other hand, bleach is a chemical which is poisonous for the human skin. These organic clothes are perfect for babies, and children for them to have allowances to play in the summers to the fullest. These clothes are not stable in high water. They sink or wetsuits the user, to a greater extent than wearing the normal clothes.

Buying these is the ideal way to go to protect our skin from suffering, while being fashionable at the same time. These eco-friendly organic clothes are cheap and are easy to maintain as well. They are available for men and women with all kinds of demands and necessities.

These clothes are the sensible way to go in the tough times. How do you feel about going green? Learn the pros and cons of opting for these clothes as they not only are environment friendly, but are also pragmatic. So, what are you waiting for, go to the market and buy them today. If you start shopping fashion then you might feel that dresses are fancy, hence in that case you’ll go for that as well. These are bound to please you, so start your online search right away.

Keeping Your Sales Call Short

Keeping Your Sales Call Short

It’s not the sales calls that are tough, it’s the one’s that go on forever. Today, the ideal sales call is long enough to encourage a conversation and get both parties talking, but how long is a piece of string? We’ve all been there…a prospect says, “Hey, when can we schedule some time next Thursday to get together?” What does that mean? Well, it means that you’re not going to be able to get through to them although there is some reason why you can. As a sales professional, you’re dealing with competing priorities, and no call should be longer than it imperative to your success. This has been a great topic of conversation today with several of my readers. Not everyone has heard the phrase “The Analogy of the gypsy and the hiring man.”

So I’ve had the pleasure of hearing firsthand entrepreneurial advice as well as tips from the audio book “Inside the Law” by Art strikeouts. It is a fantastic resource whether you are looking for ways to increase your productivity, make more money, or you are just exploring a good business plan. Being able to share this has given me the motivation to keep my sales calls short. When you are faced with one of opportunities, those who have extra comment time, or if you will be in a position to make changes in your day, do not let them interrupt the skill acuity of you and your team.

There have been many times when I have made changes in my schedule or my opinion on what I do for a living. I also have some take away values from that experience. We have known it is so important to start your day with greatness and not a “blandess”. The following are some of my take away tips from those moments that left me knowing that I made the right choice:

1) compress your time to create a “win-win”. When you do take advantage of your time, do it with a focus to find or develop a solution, whether it comes from a prospect, work, or family issue. To do that you must talk to people in a friendly and cordial manner. Don’t be a snob and believe that there is something wrong with you or say anything you have to say. When you practice this, your efforts will quickly be rewarded with long-term results.

2) begin the day with thought energy rather than emotion. Once a day I make a special time in my schedule to do individually prepared meditation. By doing it before I start a patient, I find a greater sense of peace when I visualize the nature of the ultimate “who” I wanted to be, I had an idea or thought. I then close my eyes and visualize the same “who” at the beginning of a calls, so that things are its proper order. Later in the day before I take phone calls I have a clear thought energy and my voice is now projecting a genuine image of the “pokergalaxy” image. Again in later week I will exercise and do a short yoga sequence and often I find a sense of peace in the exercise. All of these techniques can be done with a call as you are naturally on the telephone.

3) relax, find the flow and let the prospect find that as you talk. Use good communication skills. If you are speaking introduce new topics of discussion to your prospect this will help you to drive the sales conversation to them. At the end of the call, bridges are built so that the conversation can continue. Again, it is at this point that you will move the call closer to a phone or face to face. Letting the prospect find the right time and the right topic is key here, and again is a key step in cooling delayed decisions. When you feel that a call should be ended you need to, in a courteous and non-threatening way end the call giving clarity to finding the right time to move forward.

4) use the power of the follow up. This is the number one way to get a commitment from your prospects. Follow up is extremely important, so that you are in charge of it. I remember on many of those calls I left my number, referral information, or some call bonuses, and obeyed the call directions in a follow up message which is as follows: “We made a great call today, I only have some time for the man and his firm and they are really busy at the moment. We will leave you and a key to our website and call you in a day, but if you should be interested in talking to them right now, please call them back asap. Give them your number. We gave it to you. Good luck there!

Waspadai Aksi BlackRock di Android

Waspadai Aksi BlackRock di Android

Salah satu varian malware yang beraksi di Android, diketahui mempunyai sejumlah kemampuan untuk melakukan pencurian data yang berasal dari aplikasi-aplikasi Android, sekitar 337 aplikasi. BlackRock adalah nama malware yang mengancam tahun 2020 ini. BlackRock ini ditemukan oleh sebuah perusahaan security mobile yakni ThreatFabric.

Para peneliti dari Thread Fabric menyebutkan malware tersebut dibuat berdasarkan pada source code yang berasal dari malware lainnya yang bocor di dunia maya, yakni Xerxes. Akan tetapi BlackRock hadir dengan sejumlah kelebihan. Kemampuan tambahan atau kelebihan malware yang mengancam tahun 2020 ini terbilang mengerikan sebab dapat mencuri password serta informasi credit card milik korbannya.

BlackRock – Malware yang mampu mencuri data Anda dengan sangat pintar

Sebenarnya BlackRock ini memiliki kemiripan pula dengan malware trojan lain yang terdapat di Android, hanya saja ia mampu menyerang banyak aplikasi daripada trojan lainnya. 

Menurut Thread Fabric, BlackRock mempunyai teknik menghimpun data bernama ‘overlays’, yang mana mampu mendeteksi ketika korban mencoba berinteraksi dengan berbagai aplikasi asli di Android, lalu malware ini menunjukkan korban ke laman palsu dengan tujuan pasti yakni mencuri data korban sebelum si korban masuk ke aplikasi android yang asli.

Berdasarkan pemantauan sejauh ini, BlackRock dominan ditujukan untuk pencurian data dari aplikasi media sosial dan aplikasi keuangan. Namun malware ini banyak juga mencuri data korbannya dari aplikasi e-commerce, aplikasi kencan, dan media massa.

Ketika telah menginfeksi ponsel korban, malware BlackRock ini akan meminta calon korbannya untuk memberi akses menuju fitur Accessibility, dan itu merupakan fitur yang penting dan paling berbahaya sebab dapat mengotomatisasi pekerjaan dan menirukan sentuhan di layar ponsel korbannya.

Kelebihan dari malware yang jadi ancaman di tahun 2020

Dengan akses fitur Accessibility ini, malware BlackRock dapat memberikan akses lainnya pada pokerace99 Android, kemudian memakai Android DPC (Device Policy Controller) untuk memberi akses pada admin menuju perangkat. Sejumlah kelebihan lain yang dimiliki pula oleh malware yang mengancam tahun 2020 ini, antara lain : 

  1. Mengirim SMS spam
  2. Mencegat SMS
  3. Mengirim spam pada nomor ponsel yang telah ditentukan dengan isi pesan yang telah ditentukan pula
  4. Membuka aplikasi di ponsel korban
  5. Merekam tombol yang telah ditekan (keylogger)
  6. Memunculkan push notification yang palsu
  7. Menyabotase aplikasi jenis antivirus mobile dan menyabotase aplikasi lainnya

Malware BlackRock biasanya didistribusikan melalui pembaruan Google namun palsu. Google palsu tersebut ditawarkan situs yang merupakan pihak ketiga. Namun sejauh ini masih belum ditemukan bukti jika malware yang mengancam tahun 2020 ini mampu menembus securitas Play Store, meskipun selama ini terdapat banyak malware lain yang dapat mengakali securitas di Play Store.

Perkembangan penanganan malware di Indonesia

Untuk Indonesia sendiri, Microsoft mendapati kasus ransomware dan malware di dunia cyber Indonesia masih tinggi. Sepanjang 2019, bahkan tercatat lebih tinggi dibandingkan jumlah rata-rata kasus di Asia Pasifik. Hasil temuan itu berdasarkan pada riset SETR (Security Endpoint Threat Report) tahun 2019.

Haris Izmee selaku Presdir (Presiden Direktur) Microsoft Indonesia mengatakan bahwa pada umumnya, tingginya kasus malware berkorelasi dengan jumlah pembajakan serta tingkat keamanan di dunia maya menyeluruh, mencakup patching serta pembaruan software berkala.

Tercatat Indonesia memiliki persentase kasus malware sebesar 10,68% pada tahun 2019, salah satunya termasuk malware yang mengancam tahun 2020 ini yaitu BlackRock. Kondisi tersebut 2 kali lebih tinggi daripada rata-rata regional, meski telah mengalami penurunan sekitar 39% dibanding 2018.

Sementara untuk kasus ransomware tahun 2019, Indonesia menduduki posisi ke-2 tertinggi se-Asia Pasifik yakni sebesar 0,14% atau lebih tinggi sekitar 2,8 kali daripada rata-rata regional. Pada kasus ransomware di tahun 2019, juga mengalami penurunan 46% dibandingkan tahun 2018.Haris Izmee menyatakan bahwa negara yang mencatat angka tinggi untuk tingkat pembajakan dan rendahnya pengetahuan tentang keamanan cyber akan cenderung terdampak makin besar terhadap ancaman kejahatan cyber.

Situs Poker Pokerboya Dengan Akses Mudah Di Smartphone

Situs Poker Pokerboya Dengan Akses Mudah Di Smartphone

Setiap situs judi punya cara tersendiri untuk meningkatkan traffic dan penggunanya. Salah satu cara jitu yaitu aplikasi mobile. Saat ini, lebih dari setengah pengguna internet mengakses dengan smartphone. Artinya potensi pengguna baru yang daftar dari perangkat ini sangat besar. Hal inilah yang dilakukan oleh Pokerboya.

Casino Pokerboya Di Genggaman Tangan

Anda pasti mengetahui istilah casino atau kasino. Orang-orang berkumpul untuk bermain judi di berbagai permainan. Contoh yang paling populer adalah poker. Permainan ini menggunakan kartu remi dan masing-masing pemain harus mendapatkan komposisi kartu dengan nilai besar. Poker butuh kemampuan untuk mengenali peraturan dan konsep dengan baik. Pemula harus meluangkan waktu terlebih dahulu sebelum benar-benar terjun ke arena poker. 

Poker di situs judi ini juga tersedia beberapa pilihan. Ada poker online dimana Anda bermain langsung dengan pengguna lain. Sesi poker mengharuskan Anda bertanding dan memasang taruhan. Pastikan terlebih dahulu deposit telah cukup. Beberapa pemain masuk kategori kelas berat artinya mereka suka bertaruh dalam jumlah besar. Jika deposit bukan masalah, Anda bisa bermain dengan mereka dan mencoba untuk menang.  Pokerboya menyediakan layanan poker lain yaitu menjadi dealer. Di Indonesia, istilah dealer artinya menjadi bandar. Tentu saja, Anda bukan pemain baru ketika ingin menjadi dealer.

Permainan casino sering melibatkan slot machine. Pengguna memasang sesuai dengan jenis taruhan yang tersedia. Setelah menunggu sesi berakhir, hasilnya menunjukkan apakah mereka menang atau tidak. Bagi yang suka dengan permainan keberuntungan, cobalah bermain di area ini. Permainan lain yang tidak kalah seru adalah blackjack. Setiap casino pasti ada meja bahkan termasuk mayoritas permainan kartu. Semua layanan casino dapat Anda nikmati di genggaman tangan. Inilah masa depan judi online dimana setiap orang tidak perlu membuka komputer kecuali sedang di rumah. 

Deposit Dan Bonus Menarik

Seperti yang telah disebutkan sebelumnya, judi online harus ada deposit. Situs ini memakai uang asli untuk taruhan. Anda cukup transfer ke rekening dan deposit segera ada di akun. Prosesnya mudah dan Anda punya kesempatan untuk mendapatkan bonus. Minimal deposit adalah 10,000 artinya Anda dapat bermain dengan uang dalam jumlah berapapun. Tidak ada batasan untuk deposit besar selama Anda memilikinya. Karena pakai uang asli, Anda tidak akan mengalami konversi ke bentuk lain. Hal ini memudahkan untuk mengatur dan mengelola deposit.Bonus dan jackpot tersedia di Pokerboya 2020 dengan hadiah menarik. Situs ini juga menyediakan bonus untuk referral. Anda share link dan pengguna yang mendaftar dengan link tersebut akan menjadi referral Anda. Semakin banyak referral maka Anda berpeluang untuk memenangkan banyak bonus. Sembari bermain poker, Anda akan menerima uang untuk tambahan deposit.

Fitur Resmi Live Chat Pokerlounge99

Fitur Resmi Live Chat Pokerlounge99

Sebagai salah satu dari situs judi online yang sedang booming dan aman, Pokerlounge99 pastinya juga memiliki pelayanan yang sangat maksimal. Untuk mendapatkan beragam keunggulan dalam situs tersebut player cukup menjadi member saja. Dengan menjadi member maka semua fasilitas yang dimiliki akan langsung dapat digunakan oleh pihak situs. Beragam fasilitas terbaik memiliki ketentuan khusus yang wajib untuk dipenuhi supaya hasil yang akan didapat lebih besar. Sebagai media online hal utama yang wajib untuk diperhatikan adalah sistem komunikasi yang ada untuk hubungan langsung dengan player. Sistem yang dipakai juga harus lah modern dan gampang dilakukan karena itu lah penjudi dapat langsung berkomunikasi dengan lebih mudah dan aman. Fitur yang ada untuk mengatasi hal tersebut adalah live chat. Pokerlounge99 menyediakan fitur ini dengan segala kelengkapan dan juga layanan terbaik yang dapat diakses oleh setiap member. 

Cara Menggunakan Menu Live Chat Di Halaman Utama Pokerlounge99 

Pada halaman utama website yang telah dibuka akan muncul banyak menu dan pilihan yang bisa mempermudah player saat mereka yang bermain mengalami kesulitan. Situs judi online yang aman akan memberikan fasilitas terbaik mereka agar proses permainan yang dilakukan pemain lebih aman. Banyak gamer yang kesulitan untuk memulai taruhan karena mereka tidak dapat menemukan apa yang mereka cari. Dan pada kesempatan ini Pokerlounge99 menyediakan sistem live chat yang aman dan dapat dipercaya untuk menanggung jawabi semua kebutuhan player. Untuk dapat mengakses sistem ini player cukup memilih menu live chat yang ada di sebelah kiri layar. 

Dari menu tersebut akan muncul link baru yang baru pesan singkat untuk para penjudi dan juga ketentuan yang harus dilakukan. Di dalamnya terdapat link alternatif Pokerlounge99 dan juga kontak WhatsApp dari pihak online. Di bagian bawah catatan tersebut akan ada kolom yang harus diisi yaitu username dan masalah yang dihadapi. Untuk kolom masalah terdapat list yang dapat dipilih antara lain adalah lupa password, lupa username dan lainnya. Apabila gambler kesulitan untuk deposit maka masalah yang dipilih adalah lainnya karena yang yang lain memiliki acuan sendiri. Setelah melengkapi hal tersebut gamer bisa langsung memilih kolom mulai chat dan terhubung dengan pihak situs. 

Kelebihan Live Chat Pada Pokerlounge99 

Kelebihan yang diberikan oleh situs judi Pokerlounge99 mungkin tak hanya live chat akan tetapi dengan layanan ini proses untuk permainan jadi lebih mudah dan lancar. Tidak akan ada kesulitan ketika memiliki masalah sebab mereka akan langsung terhubung dengan pihak situs untuk menyelesaikan apa yang menjadi kendala mereka. Sistem ini memiliki kecepatan yang luar biasa jadi penjudi tidak perlu menunggu lama untuk bisa mendapatkan solusi.

Mudahnya Cara Membuat Iklan di Facebook

Mudahnya Cara Membuat Iklan di Facebook

Pada dasarnya, cara membuat iklan di Facebook tidaklah serumit yang Anda bayangkan. Membuat iklan di Facebook sangatlah sederhana dan menguntungkan bagi perkembangan usaha atau bisnis yang Anda jalankan. Pemasaran atau pengiklanan melalui sosial media khususnya Facebook, memiliki dampak perkembangan yang luar biasa bagi usaha yang Anda miliki.

Banyak orang memilih untuk memasang iklan di Facebook karena Facebook merupakan salah satu sosial media dengan pengguna terbanyak di dunia. Sebagai pelaku usaha, Anda juga harus mengetahui cara membuat iklan di Facebook agar usaha Anda dapat bersaing dengan baik di zaman yang terus mengalami perkembangan dan kemajuan ini.

Cara Membuat Iklan di Facebook

  • Melakukan persiapan.

Sebelum dapat membuat iklan di Facebook, Anda harus mempersiapkan beberapa hal terlebih dahulu. Anda harus memiliki akun Facebook aktif yang sudah memiliki Fans Page, Anda juga harus memiliki gambar dan materi iklan yang sudah lolos dari peraturan teks yang diberikan oleh Facebook.

Selain itu, Anda juga harus memiliki kartu kredit maupun kartu debit dari Bank Mandiri ang sudah diverifikasi oleh Visa, atau oleh jenis kartu jenius lainnya dari BTPN.

  • Membuka halaman Ads Manager di bagian Creation.

Langkah pertama untuk membuat iklan di Facebook adalah membuka halaman Ads Manager yang disediakan oleh Facebook. Buka halaman di bagian Creation dan gunakanlah mode guided creation untuk memudahkan Anda dalam membuat iklan.

Mudahnya Cara Membuat Iklan di Facebook
  • Memilih objective iklan yang akan ditayangkan.

Facebook menyediakan 11 objective iklan yang terbagi kedalam 3 objective iklan utama yang dapat Anda pilih sesuai dengan kebutuhan iklan yang akan dibuat. Ketiga objective iklan utama dan fungsinya tersebut adalah:

  1. Awareness
    Objective iklan awareness ini berfungsi bagi iklan yang tujuan utamanya adalah mengenalkan produk baru kepada masyarakat. Pemilihan objective awareness ini sangatlah tepat bagi pengusaha yang baru memulai bisnisnya.
  2. Consideration
    Objective consederation ini merupakan pilihan yang tepat bagi pengusaha yang mengingingkan peningkatan pada jumlah pengunjung yang mengunjungi websitenya.
  3. Conversion
    Jika Anda merupakan pengusaha yang produk atau usahanya sudah dikenal banyak oleh masyarakat, dan sudah memiliki banyak pengunjung website, objective yang perlu Anda pilih adalah conversion. Objective ini berfungsi untuk menarik pengunjung website yang Anda miliki untuk menjadi konsumen dari produk atau usaha Anda.
  • Memilih audience hingga penjadwalan tayangnya iklan.

Setelah memilih onjective yang tepat bagi iklan yang akan tayang, langksh selanjutnya yang harus Anda lakukan adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Memilih audience yang tepat.
    Facebook menyediakan 7 parameter yang harus diisi agar iklan yang tayang dapat tepat sasaran sesuai dengan target pasar yang Anda inginkan. Pastikan Anda mengisi semua parameter ini agar iklan yang Anda tayangkan tidak sia-sia.
    Audience yang dimaksud adalah siapa target pasar yang disasar untuk menjadi konsumen Anda, mulai dari jenis kelamin, usia, dan tipe lainnya. Dengan mengisi parameter ini, iklan lapak303 yang Anda tampilkan akan tayang pada audience yang tepat.
  2. Menentukan placement iklan
    Ini adalah bagian dimana Anda menentukan pada bagian mana iklan yang Anda buat akan ditayangkan. Facebook menyediakan dua pilihan untuk menentukan penempatan iklan yang Anda buat. Jika Anda memilih penempatan otomatis, maka Facebook akan menentukan secara otomatis dimana baiknya iklan yang Anda buat akan ditayangkan.
    Namun, Anda juga dapat memilih sendiri dimana iklan akan tayang dengan memilih pilihan edit placement.
  3. Menentukan budgeting dan jadwal tayang iklan.
    Anda dapat memilih berapa kisaran budget yang akan dikeluarkan untuk menayangkan iklan. Selain itu, Anda juga dapat memilih dan mengatur penjadwalan tayangnya iklan Anda.
  • Pembuatan iklan.

Setelah mengatur semuanya, Anda akan berada pada bagian Level Ad. Di bagian ini, Anda dapat mengatur tentang identifikasi dimana iklan Anda akan ditayangkan baik di Facebook Page, atau di Instagram.

Selain itu, Anda juga bisa memilih format media yang akan digunakan dalam penayangan iklan di Facebook Anda. Pilihan formatnya antaralain adalah: single image, video, carousel, dan slide show.

Setelah mengatur identifikasi dan format media, Anda tinggal menambahnkan teks atau kata-kata yang tepat bagi iklan yang Anda buat.

  • Pembayaran iklan.

Ada tiga cara yang dapat dilakukan untuk membayar iklan di Facebook. Anda dapat menggunakan kupon, dapat ditransfer secara langsung dengan bank, dan menggunakan kartu debit maupun kartu kredit dari bank Mandiri yang sudah diverifikasi oleh Visa atau kartu jenius yang lainnya.

Setelah melakukan semua langkah di atas, iklan yang Anda inginkan dan Anda buat akan segera tampil sesuai dengan pengaturan yang sudah Anda buat di Facebook. Dengan tayangnya iklan di Facebook, usaha atau bisnis yang Anda miliki akan segera merasakan manfaat dari iklan di Facebook tersebut.